Read about sexy “cheating” wives and the husbands who LOVE when she gets intimate with other men…

Excuse me for a moment while I step out of character as your spicy mistress of white-hot cheating-wife sex!

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That allows writers, like moi, to get paid for the articles we post here.

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It’s a Thanksgiving miracle

It’s the time of year that we all stop to show gratitude.

Maybe you’re grateful for that dirty wife that likes to screw men on the side.

Maybe you’re the liberated hotwife who can say “thanks” for that generous husband who loves it when you satisfy your lust for cock.

Whichever you are, stop and say “thanks”.

If you’re neither one… yet……

The many hidden perks of the hotwife marriage…

Imagine how open, honest… and, yes, loving… your relationship would have to be for your beloved wife to tell you such a thing.

If a civilian found his or her way to my sticky web of consensual cuckoldry, they’d laugh, cry, or try in vain to ‘troll’ (while hiding their own desire to be a cuck, ironically…)

But not you. You’re into this. And you understand that a revelation of infidelity that brazen…

Fear, uncertainty and doubt drive you crazy…

Tired cheating-wife… or wired hotwife?

A cuckold’s fantasy scenario stands the “betraying wife” trope on its head.

She went off and fucked another guy? Awesome! ✋

What would end up with tears and a divorce lawyer is mission accomplished in our world.

Or is it?

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’ve…

Get mad if you want but it was your idea…

“I’m going to his place tonight. I’ll text you.”

She’s talking about the texts the two of them agreed she’d send.

Out on her date.

He’s having second thoughts now.

My woman’s going on a date. They’re going to fuck. My girlfriend, taking another man’s dick.

What’s he going to do, tell her no?

He spent months building her…

Arabella Blaze

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